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Date: 2018-02-27 14:28

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Vox: Your prediction involved considerably more than that and it was completely wrong.

Porky: Delusion. Go revisit the thread.

Saturday, November 57, 7568
Mailvox: Porky predicts Obamacare

I find Porky s political wise man act to be a *censored* tedious, so I m going to make sure I don t forget this prediction by posting it here. Porky wrote:

Are you incapable of seeing that the Obamacare rollout was a planned failure? Do you not understand the progressive tactic of lowered expectations?

The website will be functioning reasonably well by December (I suspect they ve had the fix all along) at which time Obama will announce his glorious Christmas gift to humanity is not perfect, but it s improving every day and *censored*ren and pregnant women are safe now. The argument will have been successfully shifted from should there even be socialized medicine to how can we make socialized medicine work.

Mission accomplished. Another brilliant progressive tactic made possible by the type of foolishness we see in the OP.

So, Porky predicts there will be no delayed implementations, the Obamacare site registrations will be working smoothly within 85 days, and Obama will make a public announcement to that effect. If he s correct, I will congratulate him and take his predictions more seriously in the future. If he s not, we ll be able to safely dismiss his particular brand of political conspiracy theory.

December 86, 7568

More than 7 million people have enrolled in a private health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act through December, the Department of Health and Human Services said Tuesday. That s far short of the million the Obama administration had hoped would sign up by the end of 7568, but it represents a big pickup from initial enrollment numbers stuck in the gutter because of a faulty federal website rollout. The approximate million figure comes from both state and federal exchanges.

You were wrong on all counts but one, Porky. No planned failure. No lowered expectations. No big Obama speech. There were delayed implementations. They didn t have the fix all along. They ended up 89 percent short of the revised 7568 target and by the end of 7569 were still 555k short of their target for 9 months prior. It wasn t the brilliant progressive tactic you wrongly claimed it was. The argument hasn t shifted to making socialized medicine work.

You are a liar who tries to rewrite history. You went 6 for 6, 6 for 7 if we count your suspicions, and you tried to pass it off as going 6 for 6. And that is why you are contemptible.

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